One Man To Love – Chris Brown


One Man To Love, One Man To Live

Chris Brown’s debut novel was interesting. I won’t lie – I was a little confused as to how a long haired, tattoo’ed heavy metal guy would (or could) write a book that fit in the ‘chick lit’ genre. I was pleasantly surprised at the job Mr. Brown did writing.

Crystal is a woman who has a hot guy for a boyfriend. Living together, she has him at her whim, whenever and wherever they please. She is unsatisfied with the monotony of her day-to-day life though, and on her way to work one morning, a chance meeting with a stranger is the beginning of a budding friendship with a man that Crystal is attracted to – not because of his looks, but because of his words, his thoughtfulness, his mysteriousness. They decide to meet weekly for lunch, and Crystal finds herself looking forward to the hourly lunch date she has every week as the same restaurant with her new friend. As this friendship blossoms, her relationship at home comes to a stand still – when her man tells her that he isn’t interested in a future with her, Crystal takes a job in another country and leaves her monotonous life in hopes of finding new adventures. She soon learns that life isn’t always as easy as it seems and she has to choose between following her heart and fulfilling her dreams, and continuing down the road of certainty.

Overall, this short story was entertaining. Not too deep, it was a good fit for a lazy Saturday afternoon read.

MY SCORE: 3 Stars

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One thought on “One Man To Love – Chris Brown

  1. Thank you Christy for your honest review. Pleasing to hear I was able to break down the pre-conceived barrier of my being a male and a rocker writing in a female dominated genre. If you have any advice for improving the appeal of future stories, I’d be only to eager to learn. Thanks again, Chris.

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